Bugatti 3D Prints Electrified Version of Famous Race Car

Celebrating it's 110th birthday, the French automobile company Bugatti is recreating a scaled down version of its famous race car, the Bugatti Type 35, otherwise known as the "Bugatti Baby", using 3d printing technology.

The car, dubbed "Bugatti Baby II", will be three quarters the size of the original race car and is made for children - albeit wealthy ones - looking for a fun electric car that tops out at 12 mph, or 28mph, depending on the desired settings.

"The Bugatti Baby II is a limited-run electric vehicle for kids of an advantaged socioeconomic status. When actually manufactured, the vehicle will be three-quarters of the size of the original Bugatti Baby and will include a 3D-printed frame," Michael Molitch-Hou over at writes.

bugatii 3d printed baby ii car

"Other features include a rear-wheel-drive powertrain that runs off of removable lithium-ion batteries. The vehicle will top out at 12 mph in “child mode” and 28 mph in “adult mode.” 

According to Molitch Hou, this is not the first time Bugatti has leveraged 3d printing to advance it's stable of automobiles.

"Bugatti has already been working with metal 3D printing company SLM Solutions since 2014, using the technology to 3D print a brake caliper that is said to be the largest functional part 3Dprinted in titanium."

Bugatti has partnered with the German firm SLM Solutions, which specializes in the 3d printing of metallic parts to produce "an active spoiler bracket, motor bracket and an axel differential housing part."

"The use of 3D printing allowed the spoiler bracket to be more lightweight, thus increasing the speed and performance of the vehicle on which it was attached. More interesting was the motor bracket, which incorporated cooling channels that reduced the temperature of the Bugatti Chiron supercar."













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