Building STEM Education With Polar 3D Printing Kits

As STEM related jobs have outpaced overall job growth in recent years, and that trend most likely continues far into the 21st century, it's important to teach young people the right tools they'll need to succeed in the workforce.

This general idea guides the way that we choose our educational products, and it's why we take great care to ensure we're offering only valuable solutions.

When we came across the suite of educational kits for 3d printing at Polar3D, we were so happy to see how much care they put in as well.  

Thoughtful, affordable 3d printing kits and curriculums are at the core of their offering, and this is a good match for our team at ThreeD Materials and our customers.

Multiple 3D Printing Kits:

Starter Kit

Elementary School Kit

Middle School Kit

Science Lab Bundle

One of the particularly valuable things we're now offering to schools is the ability to use Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) curriculums, even if they already have 3d printers.


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