Carbon Gets $81 Million Investment to Grow 3D Printing Business

After successful early partnerships with a number of industrial clients in the automobile space, the 3d printing company Carbon received a new investment of $81 million.

The new capital is coming from GE Ventures, BMW and Nikon, along with new investment from existing shareholders.

“In today’s digital world, additive manufacturing is changing how products are designed, made and serviced at GE,” said Steve Taub, Senior Director of Advanced Manufacturing, GE Ventures. “Carbon’s CLIP technology can print exceptional quality parts for end-use production, opening the doors to incredible possibilities like low volume manufacturing, freedom of design, and mass customization. We are excited to work with Carbon as part of our vision in deploying additive manufacturing applications across GE.”

Carbon released a printer that is substantially faster than any other 3d printer available to industry, making parts that are designed as both prototypes and end use.

"It’s all about the materials and mechanical properties that we can achieve with Carbon’s technology. Traditional materials only provided about 50 percent of the mechanical properties we need to produce functional and final parts," Jerry Reinhart of auto giant Delphi said earlier this year.  "We’re currently using the M1 on a project to install a batch of connectors and other electrical components into a 25-car fleet this June for road and validation tests.”

An interesting note from this new round of investment into Carbon comes from Nikon and another Japanese investor, JSR Corp.  

"Series C participants Nikon Corporation and JSR Corporation are exploring synergies making Carbon’s technology available in Japan as well as entry into other Asian markets," Carbon's statement to reporters reads.

“The current 3D printing market, with the exception of very few, is a prototyping market,” said Nobu Koshiba, President of JSR Corporation. “Carbon approached the challenge, and potential, of 3D printing from a very different perspective. With its M1 and CLIP technologies, Carbon has introduced a solution that will truly revolutionize manufacturing.”

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