Carbon M1 3D Printer Brings Top Speeds to Two New Manufacturing Partners

The Carbon M1 3d printer promises to increase 3d printing speeds so substantially that it will completely alter supply chain strategies for the companies using it.

With investments from Google and Autodesk, the M1 has been carefully rolled out and released to only a select group of manufacturing firms.  Now, you can add two more to that list.

Midwest Prototyping and Dinsmore Inc., both companies that specialize in manufacturing parts for clients, now have access to one of the most advanced and coveted 3d printers on the market.

“The future of additive manufacturing lies in the ability to produce end-use parts,” said Jay Dinsmore, CEO and President of Dinsmore & Associates, Inc. “Carbon’s offering is truly innovative because of the range of materials we can print with, the quality of parts that come off the M1 machine, and the speed at which we can achieve the desired end-use results," said Dinsmore.

Producing end use parts from 3d printers is something companies are hoping to achieve with more regularity, with the M1 and HP's Multi Jet Fusion printer leading the charge on this front.

In order to achieve this goal, the material sciences associated with 3d printers will need to move forward along with the hardware.

“What excites us the most about our new relationship with Carbon is their dedication to the development of engineering-grade materials – not only in regards to the breadth of available options, but also the quality of those materials ready for everyday, real-world applications,” said Steve Grundahl, President and Founder of Midwest Prototyping.

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