Chinese Sport Brand Peak Sport Creates 3D Printed Sneaker

The Chinese sports equipment company Peak Sport is jumping into the action with Adidas, Nike and Under Armour to 3d print their customer's sneakers.
The news came in an annoucement from the company this week as they showed off their first sneaker to be 3d printed, emphasizing their interest in using the technology continuously.
"The Future sneakers are the newest achievement brought by Peak Sport's innovative strategy. Our target is to build Peak Sport into the most international, professional and innovative sports brand in China," said Xu Zhihua of Peak Sport at the launch of The Future sneaker.
The sneaker's midsole was 3d printed to create a lighter more flexible shoe, based on a previous sneaker model released by the company.
peak sport 3d printed shoe
Within the last year, Under Armour has announced several 3d printing initiatives - including a limited release of sneakers - Nike has 3d printed cleats for Rio Olympic athletes and DSW has made a strategic investment in a 3d printed shoe company.
nike 3d printed cleet
It seems the development of 3d printed shoes does not stop in the United States however.
"Peak Sport will continue technology innovation and keep producing professional sports products," said Xu. "Peak Sport will strive to become the leading sports brand in China and go international."

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