Company Raises $1M to Perfect the 3D Printed Pizza

A company that spawned out of NASA funding has moved away from space related research into different — albeit still very important — work of perfecting the process of 3d printed pizzas and other dough based products.

Now, they have raised $1 million, led by a company that specializes in automated processes for the food industry, to quickly 3d print pizzas in any shape and also apply their technologies to other treats such as pastries, cakes and breads,

“The technology is unmatched in bringing unique opportunities to the food industry,” said Jim Grote, founder of Grote Company, which led this round of financing. “This revolutionary technology will produce consistent, good tasting, nutritious products. The BeeHex team provides the talent to change the way food is made.”

Since the beginning of 2016, BeeHex has drastically cut the time that it’s technology takes to 3d print a full pizza — from 6 minutes down to 1 minute — and has serious plans to use an application based system that allows customers and restaurants to whip up their order via a BeeHex 3d printer within minutes.

“It is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while,” Lazar Vilimorovic, an engineering student in Columbus, Ohio — where BeeHex’s R&D is located — said late last year.

“I couldn’t tell any difference with pizza made out of a store,” his fellow engineering student Brad Sievers said.

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