Desktop 3D Printer Leaders Formlabs Gets $35 Million Investment

Two days after the most popular platform for getting 3d prints made around the world received a $7 million venture capital investment, one of the leading desktop 3d printing companies announced it's own major capital injection of $35 million.

Formlabs, the company behind the Form 1 and Form 2 resin based 3d printers secured their Series B round of funding with Foundry Group - which also invested in MakerBot in 2011 - as the lead investor and software giant Autodesk joining the fray as well.

“Formlabs has brought a lot of innovation and great execution to the desktop 3D printing market, and Autodesk is excited to invest in the company’s future," Autodesk CEO Carl Bass said in a statement to reporters.  "But even more importantly, we’re eager to work together to improve digital design and manufacturing for product designers everywhere.”

3d printers from Formlabs run on resin based materials, which provide higher resolutions than plastic based printers and in some cases, castable 3d prints for jewelry and other product types.  This helps product designers drastically reduce their development cycles because they can produce working prototypes internally within hours.

"There has been an enormous void for a new market leader in 3D printing,” Brad Feld of Foundry Group, and a new member on Formlabs' board, told TechCrunch. “It’s evident Formlabs has emerged as the leader in desktop 3D printing.”

The company's latest 3d printer, the Form 2 is one of the highest rated desktop 3d printers, and according to the world's largest platform for 3d printer owners, it's also one of fastest growing printers worldwide.

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