Dremel 3D Printing Education Suite is Best Solution for Schools

At ThreeD Materials, we've sold hundreds of 3d printers to school districts across the country.  So we know what teachers are looking for when they're researching 3d printing solutions for their high school, middle school or elementary students.

After months of trying to find the best solution possible for our existing and future education customers, the ThreeD Materials team is happy to announce that we're offering the Dremel Idea Builder Education Suite.  Think state of the art 3d printer with lesson plans crafted by teachers, the best customer support available, web based professional development and certified for safety.

dremel 3d printer education

Most 3d printing companies offer a ill-designed package of 3d printers, filament material and training videos for schools that want a turn-key solution designed to get printing right away in science, math, engineering and art courses.  They're just not that good.  On top of that, many of those education solutions are cost prohibitive for your average school district.

With the Dremel package from our team at ThreeD Materials, for less than $2,000, teachers have everything they need in one package to get up and running right away with 3d printing.

"The Dremel 3D Idea Builder is truly a plug n' play tool that has made it easier to implement," said Mark Simmons, the Director of Technology of Sabine Pass schools in Texas.  "I spend less time training teachers on how to use and more time on how to integrate.  Integrating the Dremel 3D Idea Builder into our K-12 curriculum has increased student engagement, fostered student creativity, and helped student understanding of core subject concepts that are sometimes lost in translation during lecture."

While the true value of the educational suite lies in the cumulative effect of getting lesson plans for science and math, web based professional development for teachers, constantly evolving curriculums and top notch customer support, the Idea Builder 3d printer is still one of the most advanced, easy to operate desktop 3d printers available.

"I originally purchased the MakerBot Mini Replicator as my first 3 D printer," a professional CAD designer recently said.  "After numerous problems and it causing so many issues with my PC, I returned it and purchased the Cube 3. It started printing slanted designs and required glue on the plate. After returning the 2nd printer, I made my last and final choice which was the Dremel 3D printer. Had no issues with this printer and it has printed perfectly since the day I bought it. Prints perfect and I'm very happy with my last choice."

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There are multiple case studies that have been put together that cover Dremel's education program, Dremel Dreams, which "integrates 3D printing into the classroom with lesson plans and resources that are designed to nurture the confidence of educators and students as they explore hands-on applications of STEM in the classroom," according to the company.

For More Information on the Dremel Education Suite, you can see it here on our website.


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