earnotz Launches 3D Printed Wireless Ear Buds That Track Heart Rate

Wireless ear buds, custom made for each customer, which also tracks health data.

That’s the idea behind a new fundraising campaign from a company called earnotz, which has developed a mobile phone application to scan each customer’s ear and then 3d print that scan into workable, high quality audio earbuds which monitors heart rate, distance and calorie information.

“After a year and a half of research, working with audio engineers and hearing specialists, we created earnotz: earphones 3D printed to the exact dimension of your ears,” the company says.

The health information is stored within a proprietary mobile application known as earfitz, as the company attempts to merge on-demand custom manufacturing with fitness tracking — a hot topic this week with the release of products such as Mio at CES in Las Vegas.

earnotz says that they’ve perfected the process of creating these wireless earbuds, but they do face potential hurdles with production.

“We have the 3D printers in house and know which printer to use to print the bio-compatible conchs and the multi-colored shells,” they write on their Kickstarter page. “We have selected the printing technologies : Polyjet from Stratasys and Multijet from 3D Systems. We have been using these 2 technologies for over 2 years now and are confident that these printers will do the job. The 3d printers challenge is how to produce in the numbers needed to reach our goal according to the production forecast. Our plans include to sub-contract some US 3D Printing facilities. We have tested 3D Systems and Stratasys contractors and are satisfied with the results in terms of quality and delay.”

There have been other customized 3d printed headphones in the past, but none of them have included the ability to monitor health statistics, something that could potentially provide an advantage to earnotz.

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