Easy to Use M3D Printer Launches Bigger 3D Printer

Following one of the most successful crowdfunding ventures in 3d printing, the team at M3D has decided it's smaller 3d printer needs a big brother.

In New York today, the company released the M3D Pro, which at $500, provides a build volume of 7.8 x 7.2 x 7.2, which is a substantial increase from the original, reliable, albeit very small M3D

“We’ve designed the Pro to have all of the capabilities of a commercial printer at a cost consumers want," the companies CEO, Michael Armani told reporters.  "It’s the natural next step for the industry, transcending the limitations of casual use and allowing users to create more practical, everyday objects—whether it’s a customized print to add that finishing touch to a cosplay outfit, printing out a difficult-to-source part for a budding DIY project, or everyday household goods.”

Like the company's original 3d printer, the Pro allows users to print with third party filament providers, and it prints in both PLA and ABS. The larger printer released today includes a heated build platform as well.

The M3D was one of only two entry level printers that made ThreeD Materials' 2016 Best 3D Printers List.

“Every hardware component within M3D’s newest model was built to optimize efficiency and accuracy while maintaining its inherent accessibility and affordability, simplifying the process of taking a 3D file to a 3D print for consumers and professionals alike,” Armani said.

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