ETF Launches for Investors That Want Piece of 3D Printing Market

A day after two of the largest 3d printing stocks both plummeted on a downgrade from Piper Jaffray, an ETF has launched that allows investors to track the performance of publicly traded 3d printing companies.

(ETFs allow investors to target certain segments of the economy that they would like to hitch their wagons to.)

ETF marketplace BATS announced this morning that it will offer PRNT, an ETF managed by financial services firm ARK, which specializes in the monetization of innovative technologies.

“ARK’s research shows that the 3D printing industry has one of the highest growth projections in the economy. As the technology evolves and costs continue to decline, the 3D printing industry has the potential to steal market share from traditional manufacturing and transform every sector of the economy,” said Catherine Wood, ARK’s founder, CEO and CIO.

3d printing ETF PRNT

In their filing with the SEC, ARK describes the type of companies it chose to include in the ETF.

"The Index is composed of equity securities and depositary receipts of exchange listed companies from the U.S., non-U.S. developed markets and Taiwan that are engaged in 3D printing related businesses within the following business lines: (i) 3D printing hardware, (ii) computer aided design (“CAD”) and 3D printing simulation software, (iii) 3D printing centers, (iv) scanning and measurement, and (v) 3D printing materials," the filing reads.

The top 10 holdings inside PRNT are VoxelJet, Groupe George, Organova Holdings, SLM Solutions Group AG, HP Inc, K2M Group Holdings, Arcam AB, ExOne, 3D Systems and Stratasys.

Tasha Keeney, an analayst for ARK, says that her firm believes the global 3d printing market will grow from $5 billion this year to $40 billion in 2020.

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