Forget Brexit, This 3D Printed Map of London is More Fun

We're not going to lie.

We've been looking for a story that mixes 3d printing and Brexit all day, but it's been hard.

But, then we came across San Francisco based Andrew Godwin and his 3d printed map of London, and while it has nothing to do with Brexit, it is British centric, and that's good enough.

3d printed map of london

Godwin, who was born in Britain, was able to complete his 3d printed map of England's capital city using imaging data that the British government released as part of its Open Data project.  Low flying airplanes had taken what's called LIDAR data, creating large scale scans of the Capital City.  LIDAR stands for Light Detection and Ranging.  

His main challenge was to take the LIDAR data and turn it into 3d printable data, which Godwin admitted was harder than he expected.

“I was inspired by raised relief maps,” Godwin told Digital Trends. “Those are the moulded 3D maps you occasionally see on walls, often of large-scale geography. I knew the LIDAR data was out there, and presumed I could work out how to write the code to convert it into printable models eventually.”

Godwin says a 3d printed map of San Francisco could be next, but for now, if you want the files for a map of London, you're all set.

“I released the code to make the models so others can 3D print them and make their own if they want.”

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