French Fashion Head on 3D Printing: 'Next Industrial Revolution"

In France, there is an actual governing body and person in charge of leading the country's fashion direction.  Among other responsibilities, the Federation Francaise de la Couture sets the dates and locations for Fashion Week in Paris every year.

Yesterday, in an op-ed written in the Business of Fashion, the head of French fashion proclaimed 3d printing as without a doubt, the "new industrial revolution."

“Make no mistake, 3D printing is nothing short of a new industrial revolution that also holds potential for major innovation in terms of economic models, not least via on-demand production,” Pascal Morand, the Executive President of Federation Francaise de la Couture wrote.

“And the future is even more promising as new technologies are emerging, making it possible to print seamless garments or mix materials,” he continued. “It is also conceivable to imagine machines that combine weaving and 3D printing.”

3d printed shoe

Merging fashion with 3d printing is nothing new.  The world's largest apparel brands, including Nike and Under Amour, have released 3d printed shoes or used the technology to create some of their latest releases.  Nike, for example, utilized the technology to get its new cleat ready for the Summer Olympics in Rio this year.  

As far as experimenting with new materials and garments, as Morand suggests, designers such as Francis Bitonti and Danit Peleg are pushing the limits as we speak.


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