General Electric Buys 2 European 3D Printing Companies For $1.4 Billion

In a bid to improve the way General Electric manufactures airplane parts and other industrial items, the company announced today it has purchased two European 3d printing companies - Sweden's Arcam AB and Germany's SLM Solutions Group AG.

The two deals are worth a reported $1.4 billion.

"We chose these two companies for a reason," GE Aviation President and CEO David Joyce. "They each bring two different, complementary additive technology modalities as individual anchors for a new GE additive equipment business to be plugged and experience as leading practitioners of additive manufacturing."

GE has long been a leader in the use of 3d printing to manufacture parts for its advanced machines, including wind turbines and airplanes, and the company's CEO made it clear on Monday that they continue to look at the technology as a part of their future.

"Additive manufacturing is a key part of GE's evolution into a digital industrial company," said Jeff Immelt, chairman and chief executive of GE. "Additive manufacturing will drive new levels of productivity for GE, our customers, including a wide array of additive manufacturing customers, and for the industrial world."


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