Get Your Design 3D Printed Aboard the International Space Station

Interested in having one of your designs 3d printed aboard the International Space Station?

No problem.  Just win the new ISS Design Challenge being run by Mouser and Made in Space and you'll be all set.

Made in Space, which has been focused on developing tools useable in space, sent a 3d printer to the Space Station in 2014, and last month their 3d printer was used to create the first useable, working tool aboard the Space Station.

Now, along with electronics company Mouser, anybody with a good idea for a tool in space can submit it, and if it's deemed the winner, it will be printed about the Space Station.

"You design it. We’ll 3D print it in space," the company writes on the contest page. "Mouser is looking for an innovative design idea from college engineering students and engineers that can be used by astronauts 200 miles above Earth. Grant Imahara and former ISS Commander and astronaut, Chris Hadfield, are judges to determine which design makes it to space."

3d printing in space

The objects can't feature sharp edges because that would create potential issues for puncturing space suits or Space Station walls, and there are plenty of other guidelines to follow.

In addition to having your part printed in space, the winner will receive a free 3d printer.

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