Gillette Using 3D Printers to Create New Razors in London

The best a man can get now comes out of a 3d printer in London's East End.

Gillette, the grooming and razor company owned by Proctor and Gamble, is allowing visitors at its popup shop in Shoreditch to walk in, design their own razor handles and then they'll be 3d printed and sent to the customer within a few days.  On top of that, Gillette will be using the submitted designs as a foundation for future Gillette razors.

"This is a small, local and one-off experiment for Gillette. We’ve been using 3D printing for years for prototyping, but now as 3D printers become more affordable, they are becoming more accessible to people," Alex Friend, an R&D specialist with Gillette said. "There is a real buzz around them and we wanted to use them to get people interested and excited. We think our handles are the best you can get but some people want something different, something unique to them. We will gauge reactions in the shop and on social media as part of our research and development plans for the future."

Gillette Razor Blades

Before the popup opened, Gillette asked its customer base to submit their ideal designs for new razor handles and the winners are currently on display inside the popup store which is open for just one week in trendy East London.

"I hope people leave the shop thinking that Gillette is a fun and creative brand," Friend said. "Lots of people haven’t seen 3D printers in real life and we want them to be wowed by them and to think Gillette is ahead of the curve."

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