Global Construction Giant AECOM Wants to Use Concrete 3D Printing

Another one of the world's top construction and project development firms has now made a commitment to concrete 3d printing.  Los Angeles based AECOM has signed an agreement with WinSun, the Chinese experts on 3d concrete printing.
This follows news from a few weeks ago that Swedish based construction giants Skanska is developing technology in house to use concrete 3d printing to build large scale objects.
"We are committed to leveraging our strengths in integrated delivery of the built environment and the technology thought leadership of Winsun in construction 3D printing to help our global network of clients achieve faster turnaround times with a lower carbon footprint from the whole construction process,” says Ian Chung, a senior VP at AECOM in China.
aecom concrete 3d printing winsun
WinSun has existing agreements in Saudi Arabia to lease it's concrete 3d printing technology for $1.5 billion, and the government there has expressed interest in using WinSun to 3d print new homes across the country.
"We are excited by the prospect of introducing this capability into suitable future projects around the world in consultation with our clients and in collaboration with Winsun," Chung continued.
Now this agreement between AECOM and WinSun brings the technology to the forefront in both the Middle East and greater Asia.
"This collaboration will enable us to further accelerate the development of our construction 3D printing technology and help drive the integration of construction 3D printing technology into planning and design,” said Yihe Ma, chairman of WinSun. 

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