Hello Kitty Launches 3D Printed Jewelry Line

Southpark, Ford, Hasbro and Wal-Mart are all companies that have been attempting to figure out how they can bring their customers new products, quickly and affordably, through 3d printing.
Just this week, Wal-Mart launched a service that customizes Christmas ornaments for each customer and then has that ornament 3d printed and delivered in under 8 hours.
This morning, Hello-Kitty jumped into the fray with a jewelry line that is entirely 3d printed, on-demand, instead of being mass produced.  Israeli based 3DShook provided the designs and the jewelry is part of a new concept to offer supply chain expertise for consumer brands wanting to invest in 3d printing.
3d printed jewelry
hello kitty 3d printing
"Selling on-demand offers great advantages to brands and fans alike, as less risk is involved comparing to traditional manufacturing," said Hector Berrebi, Co-Founder & COO of 3DShook. "This in turn allows more flexibility, variability of content and in some products, personalization."

The economics of on-demand consumer goods delivered by 3d printers is evolving, in part by projects like these, as demand and production costs are tested around the world.  
For its part, 3DShook does see a new business model for retail, a sector that has been near flat for 3 straight years.
"3D Printing or ODDM (On Demand Digital Manufacturing) will become an inseparable part of the mass retail market in upcoming years. We believe that branded content has a good chance to spearhead this evolution. We look forward to collaborate with new loved brands."

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