Honda Commuter Car is 3D Printed and Customizable

There are plenty of projects underway around the world incorporating 3d printing into the automotive world.

Companies such as IBM, Peuqeot and Daihatsu are all looking at ways to 3d print cars in the near and distant future, and now Honda is added to the list - albeit with a twist.

At a Tokyo autoshow recently, the Japanese carmaker unveiled an electric powered commuter car that's both 3d printed and customizable, depending on the needs of the customer.

3d printed car

In this case, Honda produced the small car for cookie company Toshimaya, putting the companies famous bird shaped cookies into the design of the auto chassis.  Since the car has a range of 50 miles, using 3 different battery packs, it is meant strictly for customers going short distances to and from work or other activities.

Earlier this year, IBM and Local Motors showed off a 3d printed self driving bus in Washington, which shuttled passengers around the national harbor.

"First we proved that you could put a car on the road by committee, which nobody said was possible," said Justin Fishkin of Local Motors, a company specializing in 3d printed automobiles. "Then we showed that you could crowdsource a military vehicle in two months and people thought we were a military vehicle company. We proved that digital manufacturing could be even faster. As Silicon Valley and Detroit converge, we sit nicely in the middle. It just so happens that this is as relevant to the current demand on the market as it could be."

Honda told Mat Smithof Engagdet that the company has also worked on a 3d printed car that reflects the identity of other customers - including a coffee shop and fish company - signaling a capability to make personalized cars in the not too distant future at scale.

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