Hot Rod Henry Worth a Look For Large 3D Printing

Hot Rod Henry isn't a car.  It's a new, very large, 3d printer available on kickstarter.

What makes it unique is its build volume, which is 13 x 13 x 26 inches, and the types of filament is can use - all of them.


"HotRod Henry’s speed and precision match the highest achievable in the market. The bundled software suite is among the most powerful out there," according to it's Kickstarter page. "Combined with ease of use of the hardware itself, it will not leave you wondering about next steps. HotRod Henry’s large volume lets you print whatever you like. The material choice is always yours, as our 3D printer handles absolutely every filament money can buy."

Hot Rod Henry 3D Printing


*Disclosure: the printer has not been tested by ThreeD Materials and this information comes from the team at Hot Rod Henry.

  • One of the fastest FFF/FDM printers in the world. Up to 5 times faster than competition (not by means of tricks or additional heads). It can print with the speed of up to 450 mm/s. Actual printing speed, not just head movement! 
  • As accurate as a top FFF/FDM printer can get. HotRod Henry is super precise! It can go down to 50 microns layer resolution. In X and Y axes the accuracy is also 50 microns. We have tested and measured it! 
  • Endless material capabilities. Compatible with every filament available - including flexible thermoplastics, high temperature polymers and composites, even the ones reinforced with carbon fiber or glass fiber. 
  • Amazingly large print volume. 350x350x600mm of freedom is at your disposal. With over 70 litres of 3D printing volume – the sky is the limit! 
  • The most stylish looks out there. Timeless design that would fit into every interior. 
  • Only industrial grade, durable components.
  • Advanced yet intuitive software allowing you to take control according to your experience.
  • Augmented Reality (RealView) mode in our software lets you see the print in your hands before you start!
  • Intuitive touchscreen interface and readiness to print right after plugging in, without a moment needed for assembly.

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