How Elon Musk's SpaceX Inspired a 23 Year Old to 3D Print Rockets

"They weren't taking the leap of faith into redesigning components for 3D printing which is heat transfer and reducing weight,"Andy Kieatiwong says.  
Kieatiwong, a 23 year old, was referring to SpaceX, one of the world's leading aerospace companies.
"The space industry is slow to adopt new technology as they prefer to use tried and true techniques so a lot of it reflects the Apollo era. There is a lot of testing and certification for every component of your vehicle."
3d printed rocket additive rocket corporation
Following his internship at Elon Musk's SpaceX, Kieatiwong and his friend Kyle Adriany started the Additive Rocket Corporation, which is dedicated to redesigning rockets, making them more efficient and light weight with 3d printing, instead of using traditional manufacturing techniques.
"3D printing gives engineers the freedom to design for the most optimal shape versus having to design for manufacturing," he says. "We had this idea and I actually went into my internship with Space X with this idea in mind and it wasn't until after I left Space X that I saw it was something very commercially viable."
Additive Rocket Corporation ended up raising $120,000 from the technology incubator Tech Stars, which allowed the company to raise an additional $350,000 for its work.
That work includes cutting down the production time for rockets, from months to weeks, and reducing the overall production costs.
Kieatiwong says that satellite companies are its main clientele and his firm will have to decide to remain in Australia, where they have been working for the past few months, or return to the United States in the near future.


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