Ikea Launches Limited Edition Collection With 3D Printable Characters

Ikea has gone up into the cloud.

Not the digital storage version, but the kind up in the skies.

In a limited edition collection, the Swedish furniture store is showcasing a limited edition collection of furniture and home accessories centered around a group of children - which you can 3d print - that have lived up in the clouds, in harmony, for centuries.

Yes, we know that's probably a lot to take in.

This all comes from the imagination of fashion designer Walter Van Beirendonck, who created 5 characters at the center of this collection which includes pillows, shopping bags, stationary, rugs, fabrics and porcelain.  And once you're done shopping for these items at Ikea - or even beforehand - you can access all the children involved in the story for free and 3d print them.

Kwade Tijger, 1000G 3D, Vliegmachien, Rood 3D and Spiegel 3D are your 3d printable characters, all with different roles in a story that revolves around the sun and the moon becoming upset about people on earth fighting too many wars.

ikea 3d printing glodande

“Every collection is starting with research and the things I like to see together. When I started with the IKEA project, I wanted to handle it almost like a fashion collection. I really wanted to gather a lot of inspirations, think about stories, think about ideas which could evolve into other things. I wanted to tell a story.”

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