Iraqi Ministry Looking at 3D Printed Houses with Chinese Technology

Less than a month after it was reported that Saudi Arabia is interested in 3d printing 1.5 million new homes for an ambitious housing expansion, the company brought to the Kingdom with the technology to make that project happen now has the interest of the Iraqi government.

A delegation led by the Iraqi Ministry of planning traveled to China to see first hand what the 3d printing construction firm WinSun can do for their country as they look at new ways to build housing for their people.

"During the meeting at WinSun, the Iraqi delegation was therefore particularly interested in practical issues, and discussed the possibility of sponsoring 10,000 housing projects in Iraq," 3ders reported earlier today. "Alternatively, they are also interested in directly purchasing 3D construction printers for post-war rehabilitation. While discussions are still in the very earliest stages, it’s clear that 3D printing could play a huge role in the Middle East."

WinSun has been able to 3d print multiple homes within the span of just one day, placing them at the forefront of new construction technology that can build housing on-demand, cheaper, faster and with less injury risk.

While in China, the Iraqi delegation toured the world's tallest 3d printed building and a 3280 square foot home made possible with 3d printing.

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Dr. Engineer / Riyadh

Dear Respected Sir / Mam
Good morning
I have some questions :
1-Can you build two 3d-printed houses in Iraq / Basra for me personally in an area = 200 squared meters if I gave you the drawings?
2-How much (in $) it will cost me?
3-How can me & you achieve this? . Can your people & equipment come here to Basra to build the houses? .
4-What about construction material? > From where to get? .
5-How much one 3d construction printer cost , if I would like to buy it?
6-Finally , can I be your SOLE AGENT in Iraq / Basra? . How we can do this?
Please , advise .
Awaiting for your kind & sooner reply with confirmation .

My mobile phone number is 00964(0)7708745001

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