James Corden Experiences 3D Printed Cars From Local Motors

CBS Late Night Host James Corden is bringing a futuristic mode of transportation to the masses, in the form of 3d printed automobiles.
Our readers are familiar with the team over at Local Motors, which has made huge strides 3d printing working automobiles, including Olilie, an IBM Watson powered, 3d printed bus that made its debut in Washington DC earlier this year.
The video below, in which Corden gets acquainted with 3d printed automobiles and Local Motors (including Ollie), is part of the video series "Reserve What's Next", run by Chase as a means to educate their customers on the future of travel.
"Our cardholders are interested in what's next in the industry. They would have been the first people to try Airbnb five years ago, and the first to discover Uber," said Susan Canavari, Chase's chief brand officer. "We're showing them things that are launching in the very near term, so they can be one of the first to experience them."
Corden, ever the comedian, asks a Local Motors representative if he can have a "3d printed father who says he's proud of the choices I've made." 
Local Motors wants to sell before they make, a concept that would allow cars to be made on demand.  It would completely alter the production methods and supply chains of the automobile industry if successful.
"First we proved that you could put a car on the road by committee, which nobody said was possible," Local Motors' Chief Strategic Officer Justin Fishkin said this year. "Then we showed that you could crowdsource a military vehicle in two months and people thought we were a military vehicle company. We proved that digital manufacturing could be even faster. As Silicon Valley and Detroit converge, we sit nicely in the middle. It just so happens that this is as relevant to the current demand on the market as it could be."

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