Khosla Ventures Backs 3D Printing Startup AREVO

Producing high strength, good looking parts for high end industries such as aerospace and automotive just got a helping hand from one of the leading venture capital firms in the US.

Khosla Ventures, a VC firm specializing in early stage companies, has lead a $7 million round of investment into AREVO, a company specializing in 3d printed composite parts and next generation manufacturing.

We are pleased to continue our momentum with this important investment round led by Khosla Ventures,” Hemant Bheda, CEO and Founder of AREVO told reporters. “Our 3D printing technology and software suites will lead to higher quality parts in the aerospace, medical, and automotive industries. This funding will enable us to meet our near-term product development objectives, which will be announced later this year.”

The company has created a solution that utilizes a 6-axis robotics system and software designed to optimize the production of complex parts using 3d printing, so that end us parts can be made stronger and faster with composite thermoplastics.

“We at Khosla Ventures have been impressed by Hemant’s team and the vision put forth by AREVO, which we feel offers disruptive technology to 3D print production parts with unique characteristics, achieving a performance that cannot be matched using any conventional method or other additive manufacturing technique,” said Vinod Khosla, the Founder of Khosla Ventures.


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