KODAK Portrait 3D Printer Released at CES 2018

The news had been known for a couple of months inside technology circles.  KODAK - the company famous for making film and pictures ubiquitous in the 20th century - was entering the additive manufacturing market with a high end desktop 3d printer to compete in the 21st century.
On Tuesday, at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, on the same day KODAK's share prices began skyrocketing on news of a cryptocurrency platform, KODAK unveiled it's new 3d printing system to the world. 
"We took a very careful look at what designers and schools want from their desktop 3d printers, and we also heard from them what they don't need," Demian Gawianski, COO of KODAK 3d printing told ThreeD Materials.  "The new KODAK Portrait encompasses all of the must have features of desktop 3d printers - including wifi, air filtration, dual extrusion and multi-material usage - and we aim to compete with the high end of the market."
kodak portrait 3d printer
The advanced desktop Portrait 3d printer was released with a formidable set of accompanying materials, including plastics, nylons, flexible and support filaments.  
The printer is manufactured with a steel frame to increase durability, and the entire printing platform is enclosed with automatic air filtration.  For schools concerned about the burning of plastics inside their 3d printers, this is an excellent feature that most other 3d printers simply don't have.
The printer has an 8" x 8" x 10" build volume and includes two extruders instead of one.  This allows users to 3d print with two materials at once, or load the same material into two different extruders at the same time for large prints.  
"Even though we have created a benchmark 3d printing system, we felt that to be a true leader in the industry, we also needed to develop a wide set of materials," Gawianski told us. "We've found that diameter consistencies and moisture control can be improved across the market, and these are two issues we believe we have solved that lead to a better 3d printing experience."
kodak 3d printing filaments

KODAK released a set of materials that includes multiple PLA filaments, an ABS, a HIPS support material and multiple nylons.
To learn more about the KODAK Portrait 3d printing system, click here.

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