London's 3D Printing Restaurant Opens With Caviar Balls

In early July ThreeD Materials told our readers about the world's first 3d printing restaurant set to open in London.  Just three weeks later, the team at FoodInk opened its doors at the futuristic eatery on the Eastern side of England's Capital.

All of the ingredients at the restaurant have been made into extrudable paste which is then fed into the company's 3d printers and run by world renowned chefs.

“The best way to describe it is that mechanically, it’s the same principle as a pastry chef using a pastry bag to ice cakes," the restaurant's co-founder Antony Dobrzensky told Munchies. "Puréed ingredients are extruded and vertically stacked into the three-dimensional molds from digital files,” explains Dobrzensky. “In this case, the bag is squeezed and guided by the robotic arm of the 3-D printer with a level of precision that’s beyond what a human can do.”

3d printing food london restaurant

This restaurant comes on the heels of a successful trial in the Netherlands back in April, and the team, which includes an alumni of the renowned 3-star Michelin elBulli, is adamant that they would not be doing this if the food weren't exceptional.

"I knew intuitively that it would be easy for a lot of people—people who love food—to be skeptical of this,” Dobrzensky says. “I only wanted to do this project if the food could be outstanding and I don’t want to substitute chefs. I wanted to work with them to see how we could work with the technology to bring out the best in each other.”

3d printed food restaurant

Among the dishes served at the London restaurant housed inside the trendy Old Truman Brewery were fish and chips and olive caviar balls.  While Dobrzensky believes food will be the catalyst for making 3d printing a fully mainstream tool in the 21st century, restaurant guest and author Daisy Meager wasn't impressed.

"Let me know when you can 3-D-print a proper pizza but until then, I’ll be clinging to my wooden spoon a little tighter," she writes.

Well Daisy, thanks to NASA, you're in luck.

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