Manufacturing Giant Jabil Loving Their HP 3D Printer

One of the largest companies in the world almost nobody knows about, Jabil, was also one of the first businesses to use HPs recently released 3d printer.  

It turns out Jabil, which is the third largest contract manufacturer in the world, now believes the Multi Jet Fusion Printer from HP - which the computer giant has touted as a technological leap for 3d printing speed and quality - has the potential to drastically change the way it does business.

“What really surprised us, as we went through the analysis with HP, was how we looked at our supply chain,” said John Dulchinos, a Vice President at Jabil.  

jabil manufacturing

In the past, Jabil has spent well north of  $100 million each year on injection molded parts, many of which Dulchinos says are capable of being printed on HPs machine.

“And what really shocked us was that a significant percentage of them made economic sense for conversion, he said.  "Moving those parts over to Multi Jet Fusion printing in the next few years will save time and money and improve the overall efficiency of Jabil’s operations.”

It turns out that about half the parts inside the the Multi Jet Fusion 3d printer are actually 3d printed by another Multi Jet, which reinforces the idea that end use parts across industries, which aren't needed in high volumes, can be delivered with HPs machine.

"As we think about the next three years, yes, mass customization will allow us to create some really cool geometries," Duclhinos said. "But what’s really captivating is that [3D printing] is going to support low-to middle-volume manufacturing.”


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