Marines Use 3D Printer to Create Humvee Part in 45 Minutes

We've done quite a bit of reporting on the US military's use of 3d printing to create spare parts and munitions, in a bid to modernize the services, and today we bring you another example of the Marine Corps using 3d printers to create what they need on-demand.
This time in the form of a door handle for a humvee, which was printed on a fairly inexpensive printer.
"It’s a really basic model,” Capt. Kristina Warren said, referring to the 3d printer the Marines used. “It’s actually meant for K-12 students in order to get the basics of 3D printing down. Being able to quickly print a part instead of having to wait for the field supply system could give us some huge capabilities in the long run," she continued.
3d printing military
It took the Marines just 45 minutes to print their new plastic door handle, which according to the Marine Corps Times, can often be a hard to find replacement part.
“The uses and limits of 3D printing have only just begun to be discovered," a manual released by the Marine Corps earlier this year stated.  The manual was designed to encourage the expeditionary fighting force to explore 3d printing as a means to increase preparedness.  
"I’m nerdy, so to me this is pretty awesome,” Capt. Marc Blair, a combat engineer officer said. “Imagine what the battlefield could be like in 15 years.”


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