Marty the Robot Wants You to 3D Print His Body

Meet Marty the Robot.  

Marty the Robot 3d printing

Marty lives on Indiegogo, the popular crowdfunding platform, and is an open-source, fully-programmable, Wi-Fi capable and 3d printable robot made to be customizable and affordable. 

Marty was created by robotics PhD student Alexander Enoch at the University of Edinburgh and was inspired by Mr. Edinburgh's  nieces and nephews when he realized they were due limited in terms of their robotics choices.

One of the things that makes Marty unique is his 3d printable body parts, which can be modified in just about anyways its user can imagine. This was the primary goal of Mr Edinburgh, to make Marty customizable for its users based on an open source platform.

"By reducing the number of motors needed to drive movement, and making the electronics and 3D-printed parts easy to modify and expand on, we can open up the world of advanced robotics to the general public," he said.  "Marty lets anyone build a working, walking robot, and all you need is a smartphone or a laptop to get stuck into programming.”

The 3d printing involved to create Marty can be done on any desktop printer, and the campaign is hoping to reach $70,970 on its campaign page.

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