Mattel Delays ThingMaker 3D Printer By 1 Year

The 3d printer from Mattel which was supposed to ship out for the holidays this year needs more time.

Dubbed the ThingMaker, toy giant Mattel announced earlier this year they'd be releasing a low cost ($300) 3d printer aimed at young children, which would incorporate a design application that made the technology more user friendly.

In yet the latest sign that the consumer market for 3d printing will need bold ideas for success - and that may still not be enough - the toymaker said they needed more time to make the product just right.

"If you promised your teen a Mattel ThingMaker this Christmas, you may want to find something else that's just as cool ASAP," Mariella Moon over at Engaget writes.  She broke the news here.

"After much consideration, Mattel has decided to move its Thingmaker/3D printer launch to Fall 2017," the company said.  "At Mattel, we pride ourselves on delivering best-in-class products and the additional time will allow us to enhance the digital functionality to ensure we deliver the most engaging end-to-end experience for all family members."

Much of the success of the ThingMaker will rely on the software that children use to create the toys that they eventually send to the printer, and the overall ease of use that has plagued the technology from breaking into the consumer space in any meaningful way.

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