Michelin Unveils 3D Printed Eco-Tire

The Michelin Man has been hard at work.
This morning, his company unveiled a 3d printed tire that has no air inside, can send data to mobile applications, is customizable and made from organic waste.
"It’s inspired by nature with a very light, efficient structure,” says Terry Gettys, Michelin’s executive vice president of research and development.
One of the primary benefits of this concept tire - codenamed Vision - is that it can be customized for road conditions, whether you're taking the car to work, racing it on a dirt track or driving a tractor through a farm field.
It's also made with a lot of bio-degradable waste, making it eco-friendly
3d printed tire michelin vision
"The tread design is adapted, in accordance with the user's mobility needs, with a triple concern for comfort, safety and sustainability," Michelin said in a statement.
The adaptation occurs with 3d printing because the amount of rubber the tire needs to operate efficiently in different environments can be applied additively using a 3d printer.
3d printed tire michelin vision
If you're thinking a tire with no air may need maintenance then you'll be happy to know Michelin built sensors into the tire that relays information to a mobile application which "can make an appointment to change the tire's destination, depending on the user's needs," Michelin said.
The futuristic 3d printed tire is made from plastic waste, hay, tire chips, metal scraps, orange peels and natural rubber.

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