Michigan Man with Size 28 Feet Gets Custom Sneakers with 3D Printing

It’s not easy finding shoes when your foot size is a men’s 28. When you stop to think about that for a second, it actually seems impossible.

For Broc Brown, a 7 foot 8 inch tall man living in Michigan, this has been his reality as he was born with Sotos Syndrome, also known as cerebral gigantism.

“I can walk in a store and walk out with five pairs of shoes if I want to,” Broc’s aunt, Stacy Snyder told CBS News. “He can’t.”

Knowing their technology could help solve Broc’s issues, Feetz, a company that specializes in making customized shoes for anybody that’s interested with 3d printing decided to take up the challenge.

“We’ve never done a shoe this big before, but we’re just excited to get Broc some comfy shoes,” Lucy Beard, CEO of Feetz said, after handing Broc his new sneakers inspired by his favorite basketball team, the Chicago Bulls. “We’re really just honored to do this.”

Broc, who was once the tallest teenager in the world according to the Guinness Book of World Records, is apparently loving his 3d printed kicks.

“Whoa,” Brown said. “Heck, I don’t like them. I love them.”

It turns out Brown may be able to set a new world record.

“These definitely are the world’s largest 3-D-printed shoes,” he said.

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