Navy Diving Working on Ironman Helmets Using 3D Printing Tech

In yet another bid to push the limits of technology to keep our country safe and provide our servicemen and women with the means to do their jobs as the highest level, the Navy is developing a heads up display for divers using 3d printers that will allow for increased visibility underwater.

It's coined as the Divers Augmented Vision Display or DAVD.  It's a diving helmet with "smart glasses" inside that provide its users with the sonar, health information and other data that's available above water.

navy diving helmet 3d printing

“Unlike recreational diving, where you’re in the Bahamas [and] it’s crystal clear and it’s beautiful, military diving is almost [always] dark, pitch-black water," US Navy Project Manager Dennis Gallagher told DoD News. "You’re working in diving in salvage, ship husbandry -- very dangerous, difficult environments. So you can’t see life-support information, critical sensor data that you need. Your gauges are almost useless down there, because you cannot see them in front of your face.”

DAVD helps solves these problems by providing divers in dark waters with situational awareness and vital sign information that will help their missions and potentially save their lives.

“The heads-up display where you can find your compass and heading would aid any diver and would help make diving efficient, keeping your bottom time at a minimum,” Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Chris Lambertsen said. “It could help not only a lost diver find himself, but would help his dive buddy find a lost diver and ultimately save lives.”

The helmet's prototypes are being designed by a 3d printing and rapid prototyping shop inside the Navy run by Chuck Self.

“This working group’s main goal is to help implement additive manufacturing to the Navy in a smart, safe, effective way,” Self said.  “The goal is to approve a process so that it doesn’t have to be a case-by-case situation and we can certify the part to go for fleet use,” he said.

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