New 3D Modeling Tool VECTARY Raises $2.5 Million to Expand

One of the most challenging aspects for many of our customers new to 3d printing is the process of creating items to print - i.e. 3d modeling.

For beginners there is Tinkercad and once they've graduated from Tinkercad, there's a plethora of programs to choose from, including Blender, Autodesk 123D, Sketchup and others.  However, what's lacking from all of these programs is a community based aspect that allows users to engage easily with other users to ask questions and access existing models created by other designers.

This is the space that Vectary is trying to play in.  The company, founded in Slovakia and heading to New York, just raised $2.5 million to make 3d modeling easier and more community based.

“While working as an industrial designer I wanted to make designing more effective," said company CEO Michal Koor. "This led me to rather invest my time into developing a parametric tool, where by moving sliders I was able to easily change shape and get interactive feedback. Later I realized, this approach combined with community would make it much easier for anybody to start with 3D modeling.”

VECTARY 3d modeling 3d printing

Easier 3d modeling means easier 3d printing. Vectary's focus on community provides both a library of existing files that users can customize and 3d print, as well as a browser based tool that educators and businesses can use that's capable and user friendly.

"Even though 3d printing has been picking up a lot of pace lately and the last five years account for ore revenue for the whole industry than the 20 years before that, it is still not easy enough to quickly model 3d printable objects," the company told reporters when it launched.  "That is exactly what VECTARY aims to change"

Berlin based BlueYard Capital led the investment round.


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