New Drone Creates 3D Printable Versions of Your Home

A drone firm and a software company have teamed up to create a drone capable of making a 3d scan of any home, and turning that scan into a 3d printable model within minutes.

The drone is specifically designed for real estate needs and performed well while attempting to scan a large French chateau recently.

"To map the 500m2 property, a Parrot Bebop 2 drone flew one grid flight to capture the chateau gardens and horizontal surfaces, and one circular flight around the main building to capture facade details," Pix4D, which created the software necessary to make this work, explains. 

According to Pix4D and Parrot - the company behind the hardware - this entire process took less than 30 minutes to complete, and they believe this tool can have an effect on how real estate is sold around the world.

"A 3-dimensional model of a property is a new way to promote real estate," Parrot says. " Much more effective than a video, the visitor takes control of discovering the property on his screen, by looking around the house wherever he likes, by viewing his environment from above, from up close and from all angles."

"Showcase a 3D model of a property on your website; let your visitors take control of the visit."


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