New Sub $500 3D Printer Released by Wanhao USA

It took them 16 months of research and design, but Wanhao USA has released it's Duplicator i3 PLUS 3d printer.

According to the company behind numerous other 3d printers, its customers have been primarily interested in reliability, aesthetics and value, and at a price point of $499, the machine is within reach of an entire new subset of consumer.

"This is the only Prusa-style printer on the market with an integrated electronics cabin, a full-sized SD card slot, and an on-board 3.25" touchscreen display panel," the company writes.  "No other Prusa design comes close to matching the features neatly packed into this machine."

Build volume - which is the size of the object you can create with any 3d printer - is always something to pay attention to with new 3d printer releases, and the i3 plus comes in at 7.9 x 7.9 x 7 (in).  While the company claims this to be the largest build volume "in its class", there are other 3d printers on the market with similar features and similar pricing that match or exceed this number.

"5 years of feedback has proven that users want the freedom to choose their 3D printing software based on the CAD programs they use every day," the company writes.  "The obvious choice was to allow the Di3 PLUS to accept open-source software in order to streamline the workflow of pro and novice users alike."

The on-board screen is quite large on the i3 PLUS when compared to other 3d printers in its price range, which means accessing and using its full functionality is a bit easier, and the printer comes with preloaded operating software - CURA Wanhao Edition.


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