New Triple Crown Trophy Gets Boost from 3D Printing

Last week we covered the construction of Major League Baseball's two new batting title trophies using 3d printing and scanning technologies, but that wasn't the entire story.

The same 3d printing firm that created the American and National League batting title trophies also helped create the brand new Triple Crown trophy for horse racings most impressive feat - winning the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and Belmont all in the same year.

“For something as grand as the Triple Crown—something that is so rare and hard to achieve—we should have something equally spectacular," said Chris Kay, head of the New York Racing Association. That was my motivation.”

Triple Crown Trophy

Kay turned to San Francisco based Moddler, a firm specializing in high end 3d printing services, which used a 3d scan of a clay sculpture in order to generate the file for printing.

"From a stellar 3D model created by the designer, Roberto Santo, we produced a high resolution, 10" hoof to hoof 3D print to be used as a master for molding and casting the beautiful trophy commissioned by the NYRA President, Chris Kay,” a representative from Moddler told 3Ders.


Moddler used a Stratasys ObJet machine to print the final model, which took just 14 hours to make, in VeroWhite material, which was then cleaned and made available for lost wax molding and bronze casting.

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