New York Public Library Wants New Yorkers to Learn 3D Printing

Shapeways and the New York Public Library are partnering to educate New Yorkers about 3D printing entrepreneurship, with the idea that more knowledge about the technology will help people generate ideas for businesses in design and production.

There are plenty of ways to dive head first into 3d printing technology, including services from Ultimaker, 3DPrinterOS and ThreeD Materials, but it's clear that libraries in general are serving as a common meeting point for those interested in 3d 

The partnership announced between NYPL and Shapeways coincides with the White House's call for action during the National Week of Making that is currently taking place and runs until takes place June 23. The call to action was meant to encourage companies to help empower investors and entrepreneurs in the United States, and the educational arm of the 3D printing service bureau, Shapeways EDU, will introduce their members to the entrepreneurial side of 3D printing, the advanced design software and the 3D printing materials. 

nypl 3d printing

As per, “We worked closely with the library’s education staff and the courses will focus on three unique topics including entrepreneurship and how to sell your creations, advanced manufacturing design software and 3D printing in different materials, said Lauren Slowik, Shapeways' Education and Design Evangelist.  "Armed with this knowledge, more people can now turn their creative ideas into something real.”

The pilot program will be offered this fall at the New York Public Library is also intended to teach librarians how to use 3d printing properly so their members can benefit.

“Shapeways’ platform enables everyone to make amazing products using 3D printing, said Peter Weijmarshausen. We know many people are eager and inspired to learn more and unleash the power of digital manufacturing and The New York Public Library is the perfect partner for us to develop public access education to bring our mission to life well beyond any individual workshop.”

The New York Public Library has 92 locations with over 18 million annual patrons.

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