Ohio State Improving Heart Surgeries With 3D Printing

Practice makes perfect.

When Ohio State medical students prepare to learn about heart surgery, they turn to 3d printed replica hearts.

To minimize risk during the actual surgery, teams at Ohio State’s Wexner Medical Center have created 3d printed portions of the heart that students practice on before going into surgery.

"The team is using it to run simulations on 3D printed aortic valves, tailor made from the CT scans of patients with aortic stenosis- or the narrowing of the heart valve- who need surgery. "It is a big deal in terms of cardiac surgery,” biomedical engineer Dr. Lakshmi Dasi told a local ABC affiliate.

ohio state 3d printing heart valve

3d printing has long offered the health care and medical fields the opportunity to scan patient's anatomies before surgery so that they're prepared specifically for each person's organs and bones before going into surgery.

Many hospitals - including Mount Sinai and the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York - have their own in-house 3d printing labs where surgeons can send scans to be printed.

ohio state 3d printing surgery

"After making the 3D printout of the heart valve, the engineering team runs simulations for every possible scenario. They study the flow pattern, to help the heart surgeons figure out which option is best for the patient," author Rachael Penton of ABC wrote earlier this week.



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