Oldest Japanese Car Maker Daihatsu Now Offers 3D Printed Parts

The oldest Japanese automobile manufacturer just became its most forward thinking.

Daihatsu announced on Tuesday they will provide their customers with customized and personalized parts for their two door Copen model, using 3d printing technology.

Copen Car 3d printing

Swappable body panels has been a feature of the Copen for some time now but they designs available to customers have been limited due to inventory and production issues that forced the company to offer only a few options.  

Now, using designers from the firm Znug Design and 3d printing production from Stratasys, Daihatsu's customers will be able to customize their own "effect skins".

The company credits 3d printing for allowing it to offer customized car parts on demand to it's customers.

“What would have taken two to three months to develop can now be produced in two weeks," they said.

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