Pedestrian Bridge in Spain Built Entirely with 3D Printing

Architects and civil engineers near Madrid have created the world's first pedestrian bridge made entirely with 3d printing.
The Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia 3d printed the bridge with concrete material in 8 different pieces and those pieces were put together by Acciona, a Spanish civil engineering company.
"So far there was no application of this technology in the field of civil engineering, so its opening represents a milestone for the construction sector at an international level," CSP-World reported the local city council in Alcobendas, Spain as saying.  The bridge is located in Alcobendas.
According to a press release associated with the completed bridge, the advantages of this project included design freedom, the recycling of raw concrete materials to minimize waste and a reduction in energy to create the bridge.
"The structure, twelve meters long and almost two wide, is located in the park of Castilla-La Mancha, where the neighbors will be able to transit its central space," CSP-World reports.  "City representatives explained that it is an 'innovative' structure and the technology is 'sustainable and versatile', which has not meant any economic cost to the City."


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