Police Seize 3D Printed Guns and the 3D Printer in Raid

Jewelry, furniture, clothing, footwear, housing and prosthetics.  All of these things are being made in new ways around the world with the advent of 3d printing.
Another item that's being produced with the technology?  
This weekend, Australian authorities raided an alleged crime ring and seized a 3d printer, along with multiple firearms that the police there believe were made with the 3d printer they found.
“We’ve also seized a 3D printer which was used to manufacture some of those firearms, highlighting a significant risk to the community,” Superintendent Amy Gledden told reporters on Sunday.  “It’s relatively new technology and it’s been tested in forensic areas in different police agencies and this is one time we’ve actually seized them in Victoria.”
ThreeD Materials has covered the challenges that face policy and security officials around the world as it becomes easier to manufacture unregistered firearms using 3d printers.
Earlier this year, a man's 3d printed firearm was found in his luggage at a Las Vegas airport.  While he had no criminal intent, the firearm did not have a required piece of metal attached to it which alerts security monitoring systems at airports that a firearm is packed.
Lawmakers around the world are trying to adapt to the explosion of 3d printing technology and how that affects the production and exporting of firearms, including the US State Department, which has been involved in a lawsuit contesting First and Second Amendment issues related to the production of 3d printed guns inside the United States.

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