Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson Wants 3D Printer in the White House

Presidential candidate Gary Johnson became the first declared candidate in US history to publicly endorse the installation of a 3d printer at the White House.  

(We THINK he's the first.)

"Johnson also told me he’d have a 3d printer put into the White House," Zoltan Istvan wrote in Furturism after an extensive sit down with Johnson, the former two-term Governor of New Mexico. "It’s been years since America got a new household appliance, and the 3D printing revolution happening right now might mean much less shopping at WalMart—and more making of things right in your home. I expect 3D printers to be in millions of homes within the next 10 years. My neighbor already has one."

President Obama has put substantial effort into the White House's "A Nation of Makers" program, which includes a STEM fair at the White House where numerous 3d printing projects have been displayed to the Administration.  In fact, President Obama became the first Commander in Chief to have a replica of himself 3d printed, back in 2014.

Whichever President enters the White House next January, they'll be in command of a US Armed Forces that is increasingly utilizing 3d printing technology to overhaul its supply chain strategies in order to stay ahead of its adversaries.


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