Report: Time Spent 3D Printing Going Up Drastically Since December

The amount of time some 3d printing users are spending with their printers is going up, according to new numbers released by AstroPrint.

AstroPrint allows their users to control their 3d printers wirelessly from anywhere so they can manage projects from anywhere - whether they're at the office or traveling on business half way across the world.  While some 3d printers come with a wifi capability out of the box, others do not and AstroPrint has turned out to be a useful tool for thousands of people.

In the last 8 months, people, schools and businesses using AstroPrint have gone from spending about 8500 hours 3d printing a month to over 20,000 each month.  That's an increase of well over 70%.


The company also lists the most popular desktop 3d printers being used on its platform, giving us a complimentary figure alongside 3D Hubs' trend reports, to understand which desktop 3d printers customers like the most.  The Printrbot Simple Metal, Airwolf AW3D and Creator Pro from FlashForge fill out the top 3 from AstroPrint's data.

AstroPrint 3D Printing Guide

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