Rolls Royce Beast to Get 3D Printed Parts in New Models

It has 563 horsepower and starts at $335,000.

The Rolls Royce Dawn is one of the finest vehicles on the road, and its parent group BMW announced today that they'll be integrating 3d printed parts into the the two door, four seat chariot.

"Additive technologies will be one of the main production methods of the future for the BMW Group – with promising potential," Udo Hänle, head of Production Strategy, Technical Integration at BMW told reporters . "The integration of additively-manufactured components into Rolls-Royce series production is another important milestone for us on the road to using this method on a large-scale. By utilising new technologies, we will be able to shorten production times further in the future and increasingly exploit the potential of tool-less manufacturing methods.”

The news comes one day after Daimler AG - the world's largest truck maker - announced they'll also be incorporating 3d printed parts into its supply chain in order to decrease its inventory and mitigate risk of supplier issues.

BMW has been using 3d printing for decades now, mainly for prototyping and occasionally for end use parts.  The company says that new 3d printers from HP and Carbon are opening up opportunities that simply didn't exist before.

Referring to Carbon's new printing processJens Ertel, the head of the BMW Group’s Additive Manufacturing Centre said they've "used the process for the first time to produce individualised side indicators for the 'DriveNow' car-sharing fleet."

"In a social media campaign, German customers voted on names for a total of 100 MINIs in the fleet," he said. "CLIP technology was then used to integrate these in the indicator body of the vehicles being tested on the roads in Germany."

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