Saudi Arabia May 3D Print 1.5 Million New Homes in Next 5 Years

A house, office building, and storage shed have all been created using 3d printing technology, but the world's largest construction project using 3d printers may be under taken in Saudi Arabia.

The Middle Eastern monarchy has plans to build 1.5 million new homes for the country's citizens over the next 5 years and they're taking a serious look at the possibility of 3d printing those homes after a Chinese company was able to showcase their capabilities in this area over the last couple of years

After a meeting between officials from the Chinese firm WinSun and the Saudi Department of Housing, WinSun was asked by the government to lay the foundation for work in Saudi Arabia in the near the future.

"The Saudi Arabia Ministry of Housing and the General Investment Authority therefore warmly invited Ma and WinSun to set up a construction 3D printing factory in the Middle Eastern country," according to a report in 3Ders. "What’s more, the Ministry of Housing proposed that WinSun’s 3D printing technology will be used to build a staggering 1.5 million housing units over the next five years. The two sides held friendly and optimistic consultations about these proposals. If realized, this could become the biggest 3D printing endeavor the world has ever seen."



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