Short Positions Up and Down on 3D Printing Stocks at End of June

From time to time, ThreeD Materials likes to update our readers on the happenings with 3d printing stocks trading in the US.

New information from 24/7 Wall Street shows us that short interest in 3D Systems and ExOne was up for the last two weeks of June, while short positions on Stratasys and Voxeljet have decreased.

When investors believe companies will drop in value, they borrow shares of that company, sell them at their current price with the promise that they'll buy the same company's shares back for the issuer by a certain date.  If the stocks fall in value, they reap profits on the difference.

exone 3d printing stock one month chart

Short interest in 3D Systems Corp. (DDD) rose by 8.5%, with 27% of the company's share shorted, and ExOne (XONE) saw an increase of 1.4% in short positions against its company.  Both company's share prices were up over the same time period, with 3D Systems seeing a 9% gain.

On the flip side, Stratasys and Voxeljet saw a decrease in short seller interest, with Stratasys (SSYS) seeing a drop of 10.7% and Voxeljet (VJET) a drop of 8.1%.  Shares of Stratasys were up 6.7% during the last two weeks of June while Voxeljet's share price dropped by 4.4%


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