Sols and Rykä to Offer 3D Printed Shoes Exclusively for Women

Customized footwear using 3d printing technology is nothing new.  Brands such as Adidas and Under Armour have been leveraging the production capabilities of 3d printing to keep their athletes happy in Rio and provide them with better performance.  What is new however, is a partnership between Sols and women's athletic shoe brand Rykä , which is bringing customized 3d printed footwear to the masses.

Using Sols' technology, which generates 3d printed orthotics from pictures and measurements of each customer's foot, Rykä will be offering women a fully customized orthotic to improve comfort and support inside their athletic footwear.

“Today’s consumer is looking for customization and comfort. Partnering with Sols allows us to offer a truly customized product solution,” Deb Krivelow, a senior VP at Rykä said. “This is just the beginning of unlocking the potential around 3-D printing.”


The news comes nearly two months after DSW - one of the largest footwear retailers in the world - invested in the company Feetz, which specilizes in creating fully customized, 3d printed shoes.

According to Sols, the partnership between their firm and Rykä was a good match for a couple of reasons.

“Rykä’s approach to female biomechanics is exemplary, and mirrors our own vision that no two feet are made equal. By partnering with Rykä, we’re reducing the reliance on aftermarket products for customized support, and ensuring a perfect fit every time,” said Sols founder and CEO Kegan Schouwenburg. “We love that a female focused brand is leading the charge towards mass customization.”

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