Sony and Sculpteo Team Up to 3D Print Anything

Scan nearly anything around you with your mobile phone and then send that scan to a 3d printing service for production, all within within seconds and never having to leave your phone.
That's the promise from Sony and 3d printing service Sculpteo ahead of the global launch of Sony's new high end device, the Xperia XZ1.  
The scanner that Sony built into the phone is linked to software and a production house filled with 3d printers that will create objects sent to them from the phone's users.  Want to scan and print a pair of shoes? Simple.  How about scanning an old set of utensils and 3d printing a new set?  These are the types of things the phone can be used for.
While it sounds a bit Jetsons like, consider that Apple is releasing a watch that pairs as a mobile device later this month as well.  Technology is moving rapidly.
Sculpteo is among the most capable 3d printing services in the world, so if they can't print the scan taken by the phone, you can bet that most others can't as well.  And this will be among the primary challenges that users of the phone will face.  While 3d scanning for the purposes of 3d printing has improved considerably in the recent years, complex objects are still tricky to complete.
However, the prospect of 3d printing any item of choice around you, without ever having to look up from your phone, is an appealing one for Sony, Sculpteo and the devices's users.  
Notably, the Xperia XZ1 phone will run on Android.

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